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Founder of Bala Yoga School and Lead Instructor

I am the founder of Bala Yoga School, which specialises in yoga teacher training courses in India and abroad. Bala Yoga School is one of the few schools in south India that has Yoga Alliance accreditation for conducting 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga TTC. We organise life-changing yoga retreats in stunning locations for people who are looking for real change in life. Our courses include lessons not only from yoga but also from animal flow, body awareness, calisthenics and more. We also cover practical matters in the roles of a yoga teacher, such as business aspects and communication skills.

As Lead Instructor, I personally teach at least 160 hours out of each 200-hour course, and 220 hours out of each 300-hour course. I firmly believe that everyone should take care of their physical and mental health, as it is the best gift we can give to our friends and family. I like to be a change maker, applying my own experiences in diverse fields towards helping people achieve their heath and fitness goals.


Balaganesh Sivaprakasam



Years of yoga teaching experience


Languages spoken:

English, Tamil, Spanish, Dutch

I was born in a village close to Auroville, Pondicherry, India. I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. My corporate career spanned more than 10 years in various fields like wind energy, interior design and organic food products. I worked in the corporate sector for companies including L&T, Siemens and many other important engineering houses in India and Europe.

I had my first experience with yoga while I was living in Amsterdam. Upon my return to India, I had the opportunity to spend some years learning from wonderful teachers in various styles such as Sivananda style of classical Hatha, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow and Pranavaishya yoga. After completing my training, I began teaching yoga in India and abroad.

Besides running Bala Yoga School, I volunteer with few projects in Auroville, where opportunities to volunteer arise organically. In my spare time, I run a small NGO providing basic veterinary care for street dogs, including sterilisation and vaccination. I am currently studying the Kerala martial art form Kalaripayatu. Wim Hoff breathing and ice baths are my latest passion as a method to enhance my muscle recovery and long term health.

Odette, Administrator
“I met Bala when he lived in Amsterdam and we have been great friends ever since! As Bala Yoga School administrator, I design and manage this website in Amsterdam and can answer your general questions and help with booking.”