Do I need a minimum of yoga experience to apply for Yoga TTC?

We recommend that you have at least one year of experience in practicing yoga regularly before applying for a yoga teacher training course. If you are unsure about whether your current level of experience is enough to start yoga teacher training, please email us with your questions.

Do you provide study materials or manuals?
Yes, on the first day of the course we provide a teacher training manual, a blank notebook, basic stationary and a bag to hold everything.
I am not a very flexible person, will I be able to complete the course?

If you are not very flexible then you will benefit from the course more than anyone else. Yoga is about so much more than just physical postures.

Can I participate in the course during pregnancy, or if I have specific health conditions?
Please always seek advice from your general health practitioner or a specialist first, and inform the school and your teachers of any conditions that may affect your practice before starting the course.

How many students are in each class group?

We like to have a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 20 students per course, so that we can provide care and focus on each individual.

Are the courses taught in English?
Yes, all of our courses are taught in English. You should be able to speak and understand conversational English in order to participate.
My English language is limited, will I be able to manage in the course?

You should be fine as long as you can understand English very well and can speak a little bit. There are always some non-native English-speaking students in each group of students and our teachers take this into consideration as much as possible to ensure that the material being taught is understood by everyone.

Also, we will be using words from Sanskrit which have a universal meaning, easy for everyone in the course to understand.

Due to my beliefs, I may not chant during the course. Will this be an issue?
You don’t have to chant if you are not comfortable for any reason. You can sit in silence, observe and meditate.
Can I miss few sessions in the TTC?
We strongly discourage students from missing any classes. Unless you have a serious illness or medical emergency, you are expected to attend all the classes.

If you miss any classes, you will be given assignments to make up the time. These will be determined by the teacher(s) and will ensure you meet the required hours of study to qualify. But exemptions are always there.

What are the criteria for successfully completing the TTC course?
Full attendance and participation in all the classes is required to obtain your certificate. There will also be a practical text and a self-evaluation test at the end of the course.
Am I entitled to receive a certificate because I have paid for the course?
Teacher training certificates are awarded to students on the basis of their performance and attendance throughout the training, as well as completion of practical and final exams.

If you do not meet these standards then you will be awarded a certificate of attendance instead of completion. But rest assured that our teaching team will never let any of our students fail.

After completing the course, will I become an internationally recognised yoga teacher?
Yes, Bala Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School and all of our courses are also registered with Yoga Alliance USA.

Upon successful completion of the course and exam, you will receive a certificate, and you’ll be eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT).

Do I need to bring any particular clothing?
For the closing ceremony during which you’ll receive your certification, it is recommended to wear white. For the rest of the course, modest, comfortable and culturally appropriate yoga clothing is recommended.
Do I need to bring my own yoga mat or other props?
Yoga mats are not supplied. You can bring your own yoga mat, or you can buy one of our Bala Yoga School yoga mats here. They are made of recycled natural cork with rubber binders and cost ₹ 2500 INR (approximately € 28 EUR).

We provide the basic yoga props (blocks, straps and sitting cushions). If you need anything extra, please bring your own equipment.

How strong is the sun?

The sun in India can feel quite strong, especially if you’re coming from a milder climate. You can buy sunscreen here, but if you prefer a particular brand, please bring it along.

At Auroville there are plenty of trees and shady spots, and the yoga shala community is covered and surrounded by nature. We have fans in the shala but no air conditioning.

What will the weather be like?

The climate in Auroville is dry most time of the year. We get more rain from the NW monsoon from October to December, unlike the rest of India, which gets rain in SW monsoon from June to August. The weather is hot from April to June and more mild from January to March.

Due to the subtropical weather and the sea nearby, humidity is high for most of the year.

What are the visa rules and regulations?
You can get a tourist visa from your nearest Indian consulate / embassy / High Commission. It is possible to download the application form online. If the consulate issues your visa, please note that it may start from the date issued, not from the date of your travel. It is recommended that you apply well in advance and double check the dates that your visa will be valid.

Some countries offer the convenience of E-visas, which can be applied for online. These are validated at the airport on the day of departure. Check here for more details: https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/evisa/tvoa.html

Visa rules change regularly, so please always check with your nearest Indian consulate / embassy / High Commission before planning your trip.

What is the best way to reach Auroville?
Auroville is 8 km north of the city of Pondicherry (officially known as Puducherry). It is easily accessible by plane, train and bus. The nearest domestic airport is Pondicherry (PDY) and the nearest international airport is Chennai International Airport (MAA).

The easiest way to reach Bala Yoga School is to take a taxi from the airport. We can arrange a private taxi for you; the cost is approximately €40 one way.

If you feel adventurous and have been in India before, the cheapest way to reach Auroville is to take a public bus from Chennai to Pondicherry. From Chennai Airport, you’ll need to get yourself to the CMBT (Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus) in Chennai via metro, local bus, tuk-tuk, Uber or taxi, and from CMBT you can catch a bus to Pondicherry. Take a bus that runs on the By-pass route and get off the bus at Moratandi Toll Gate, which is 7 kms before Pondicherry City. From there, a tuk-tuk or taxi will bring you to the shala.

If you are already in India and travelling by train, we have a train station in Pondicherry City (PDY) which has limited trains to major cities of India. Our nearest station that is well connected to rest of India is Villupuram (VM). It is situated 40 km from Auroville. Upon arriving there are public buses to Pondicherry. Take a taxi if needed, but avoid taking a tuk-tuk from Viluppuram to Auroville as it is too far.

How can I pay the balance of the course fee after paying the deposit online?
Upon arrival you can pay the balance of the course fee by bank transfer or by cash in any major currency. There are many cashpoints/ATMs and money exchange bureaus in Auroville and Pondicherry .
Are there shops and restaurants nearby?

There are a plenty of local shops within walking distance that stock all of your practical items and toiletries, as well as shops that sell clothes, jewellery, trinkets, spices, and incense. There are restaurants catering to most of the cuisines of the world.

Can I withdraw cash and exchange money?

There are few ATMs/cash points in Auroville bio region.  There are also plenty of travel agents and money exchange places in Pondicherry city where you can get the best exchange rates and find more ATMs .